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Jake's Magic Hobo Cloak Of Adventure Part 7 THE FINALE

Mudkip:Finn.Wake Up

Finn:Who are you Cute Blue Creature.

Jake:He is Mudkip.

Finn:Shmao A POKEMON!! always wanted one.

Mudkip:Lets Go We Have to go To THe Candy KIngdom!


Mudkip:PB's in Trouble!!

Finn:Lets Hurry!

Mudkip;Magic Cloak Teleport!

Sora:Hunson Youre too good for me.

Hunson:IM NOT GOOD im neutral!!


Mudkip;Lich you Big Liar!

Lich:The Blue Creature is A Weak Fool! Muhahahahaha'


Mudkip:Dont FINN! Im devising A Strategy.

Mudkip:We'll Pretend to be Controled by the Lich.

(mudkip Explains Some more)

Lich:All of you Arent You Cold?

Mudkip:Yes We Are



Lich:Come Closer!


Mudkip:You Asked Foh Thiz Mistar Lich.IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lich:Oh Crud

"Lich Gets Obliterated"

(meanwhile in The Land of the Dead)

Death:You Cant Cheat me this time Lich! But instead i Will make a Super-Good Version of You


Finn and Jake:Whose The Weak fool now?!

Now That The Lich Is Good They Decided To Have a Fun Battle.Before Mudkip Returns To His Dimension.


Jan:In the Right Corner We Have The Cute Blue Creature Who Packs a Punch!!

Mudkip! The Hero boy Finn! and The Magic Dog Jake!

ACP:And in the Left Corner We Have The King of Cool! Ice King! The Super Good Lich! and the Neutral HUNSON ABADEER!

Mudkip:Lets Get this Thing Started Come on Charizard!


Round 1 Hunson Vs Mudkip

Mudkip:You ready Mr.Abadeer.

Hunson:Yes I am.



(Hunson Quickly Evades)

Hunson:Karate Kick!

(Mudkip Gets Bruised)

Mudkip:I thought So!! COUNTER!!

(As Hunson Kicked Mudkip.He Got Kicked Twiced as HARD)

Hunson:Smooth Move Sir.Karate Chop!

Mudkip:Magic Cloak go! Summon Tentacruel Swarm

(The Tentacruels Blocked the Attack)

Hunson:Turns Into Demon Form!

Hunson:Sucks All of the Tentacruels' and Mudkip's souls.

Mudkip:And The Fun Begins!

Mudkip:Ready! Soul Explosion!!!!

(A Huge Burst Of Energy Emerged From The Soul Sac Of Hunson)

Jan And ACP:And Its A Tie!

Both Mudkip and Hunson Are Knocked Out)

Albeit The Magic Cloak Is Still Usable For Team FMJ.

Nightosphere Amulet Is Still Usable for Team Frozen And Powerful.

Jake:You should Go next I have to Save The Cloak FoR the Last Battle.


Jan;Also Charizard Comes To Help Finn!

Charizard:I'll do it for my Master.Come Finn Lets Beat the Tar outta the Ice King!



Charizard:Sunny Day!!

Finn:Oh No Its Not Melting!

Charizard:Just Wait Sir.

Ice King:Mega Freeze Lazer."Finn Gets Imprisoned"

Finn:I never get a somewhat major role today it Seems.

Ewan:eh Mudkip Filled That Role.

PB:Go Finn!


Everyone;Go Go Fight!

Charizard:Solar Power Go!! Face My Fire Blast!! With Life orb 2x damage And Solar Power no Way Your Armor Can live Through This!!

(Charizard Burns The Armor)

Ice King:MR.zard You Forgot one tiny insignificant little Detail.

Ice king: Slingshot go! Catapult!

Charizard;Oh Crud!

(Charizard is Out)

(FInn is technically out)

Jake:Oh Great I have To do This.

Jake:"Wears Magic Cloak"

ACP:Jake enters The Field!

Jan:And he Seems Eager!

Jake:Alright Ice King.Lets Rumble

Jake:Try this on for Size.

Jake:Dog HandX51!! "Jake Overkills Ice King With His Fists"

Jan:And Ice King is "KOed".

ACP:Lich Enters the Ring!

Lich:Jake! Come Closer! oh btw this is for Fun Since im a Super Good lich right nao!

Jake:Magic Cloak Mastery GOOOOO!!

Lich:Chaos Bolt!


Lich:"Wears Amulet" Chaos Soul Meteor!

(Suddenly a Giant Meteor Came Coming To the Arena)

Jake:Your Making it Too Easy! Intercept!

Jake:"Summons Frozen Chaos Flare Meteor"

Lich:Oh great.


(both Meteors Clashed With Each Other Knocking Out Both)

Jan and ACP:Annd Its a Tie!

Ewan:That was The Best Battle Evar!


Mudkip:Thanks Guys For Joining Me In The Adventures of Jake's Magical Hobo Cloak.Bbai all!

Everyone:Bye Mudkip! we hope to see you Again.

Mudkip:Never Forget Me guys!

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