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Jake's Magical Hobo Cloak of Adventure

After The Events Of the Episode No One Can Hear You.Jake's Hobo Cloak was nowhere to be seen,until now.

EwanWithLazers Presents a Crossover Between Time And Space!!! (A Pmd+At crossover!)

As He was Traveling In the new Land of Ooo,he is still looking for that "Special Place"

???: Huh? What is this...

??? picks it up and Puts in in the Treasure Bag.

Jake:Um Hello Strange blue creature.


Jake:Who are you and are you lost?

???:I am a little lost,my name is Mudkip The Mudkip.

Jake:Alright Mudkip,tell me all about what happend.

(As Mudkip Explains Everything)


Mudkip:And i Have this Hobo Cloak.

(Mudkip Puts in On)

(Suddenly,a strange beam emitted from the cloak to Jake)

Jake:I remember Now! This is my hobo cloak But How did It Get here.And how did it get Magic powers.

Mudkip:Lets go to the dungeon of the Crystal Eye maybe we"ll find some answers there.

Jake:Right lets go!!!

Crystal eye BF1

Jake:Watch out for those evil chests and skeleton knights!

Mudkip:No problem Jake! Waterfall!

(Mudkip summoned a waterfall along with him He clashed with the monsters,destroying them with ease)

Jake:Whoa! Mudkip if your'e so powerful why did you need me.

Mudkip:I cant handle some trials and i cant do it alone


Mudkip:Hmm,My stomach has recceded. *opens treasure bag and grabs an apple* Okay Jake lets move on!

Jake:Key Hand!!

Dungeon BF2

Jake:THE Bucket Knight,I challenge you!

Mudkip:I'll distract the other monsters.


Jake: Dog Body parts times 51!


Mudkip:There's too many!


(The foes got frozen except for the Bucket Knight)

Mudkip:There Jake You can use Ice punch now! HIT em!


(bucket knight has been destroyed)

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