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Jake's Magical Hobo Cloak of Adventure Part 2


Demon Cat: Hiding in rock.he Has a doG with him!!!! NUuuuuuu!

Mudkip:The Cloak is Glowing!!!


Cloak:New power Obtained; Ice powers/Fridjitzu!,power to summon Tentacruels.


Guardian Angel:Let the Angel Pick You up!

Jake:Never!! I'll handle this you go handle the cat!


Demon:You Shall be Great Dinner *Laughs Evily*

Mudkip:Magic Cloak go!!!

Caltrop Nailstorm + Blizzard!!!

The Demon Cat's fur got shaved by the Nailstorm then Blizard froze him.

*Jake's Hand Became large and imPrisoned the Guardian Angel.

Mudkip Freezes her.

Dungeon Exit.

Mudkip:I got My Hair Back Nice.

Jake:That is one Cool hairstyle.

Mudkip:Indeed Bro.

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