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Planet's Paralysis- Back to The Past

Mudkip:Were Back!

Grovyle:Now Lets Go To Hidden Land To bust Him up.

Jake:We should Probably Catch more pokemons to use ya know just in case.

Mudkip:Got that Covered.

Pokemon Center F1

Mudkip:Open PC please


PC opened.

Mudkip:I'll Deposit Dusknoir.

Jake:I'll take Scorcher. And Whimsicott.Since we need to keep the troll theme.

Grovyle:Right,I'll take ferroseed and Tentacruel.

PC Closed.

Chansey:Come Back Soon!

Mudkip:We Will.


Lapras:Halt! To past the hidden land you have to Defeat the 7 Dark Heroes.

Grovyle:Patapon Much?

Mudkip:And I like it!

Lapras:it has to be 1 on 1.Anyway I Can take you there.

Jake:Alright Lets Go!

Its Dark Hero Beating TIME!!!

Cave Of Valor

Lapras:Right Who's Going to Fight.

Mudkip:Might as Well Be me!

Madfang RageWolf:Greetings Blue Creature. Ready To see your demise?

Mudkip:Pfft,More like MadFang Ragequit!

Ragewolf:Thats it Your Dead.

Ready Set Go!

NOTE:These Bosses Are From Patapon 3.

Ragewolf:Drill Punch!

Mudkip:Ouch! Counter!!

RageWolf:Grr! Claw Boost!

Attack Rose Accuracy Rose!


RageWolf:Big Mistake!

'RageWolf: 'Final Sprut: Deal triple damage while HP is at 20% or less of total!!!!


RageWolf:You lose!

LemonGrab:He lost! That is UNAACEPTABLE UNNACEPTABLE.You mr.ragewolf 7 years dungeon No Trials!


LemonGrab:You You You you You and You 1 million years dungeon No Trials!

Jake:Lol,Adventure TIME!!!!!

Grovyle:I dont even.......

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