Inside Dark Cave BF1

Grovyle: I cant See!

Jake:So Can I

Mudkip:called Dark cave for a reason guys.

Mudkip:Magic Cloak Go! Illuminate!!

"The Field Has Been Illuminated"

Jake:Oh my Glob.SO many Monsters.

Grovyle: I dont Think We Can Take em all.

Mudkip:Oh yes We Can! Just Learned a New Magic Cloak Skill. Bowling bash! and Sonic Blow!

Steelix:Iron tail!!

(Jake Dodges!)

Jake:Gahh! that was Too Close man.


Mudkip:Right Swarm of Pokemons! Face My Frozen Sonic Bash!

Suddenly A Wave of Sonic Energy Froze The Pokemon!!

Mudkip:Bashing Time! Waterfall!

Grovyle:Pops out! Take This!

Jake:and or this! Jake Morphs Into a Bowling Ball!


Jelly Prime Minister:Greetings,I am Andre! The Prime Minister Of the Jelly Nation! Time to Suck Of Your Goods! Jelly Soldiers! Attack!

Jake:Oh Poop!

Jellyfish Soldiers KO Jake and Grovyle Due to Their Fast Speed!

Andre:Give Up Now Fool! I have Taken all there Money!

Mudkip:Never! Time TO Rev it Up!!

Mudkip:Angry Goofy Come Forth!

Angry Goofy:Mudkip The Cute Blue Creature! Are you Worthy To Control me!

Mudkip:Bro I alredy Control You

AG:Yeah I was messing with you! LAZOR POWERS GO!!!

"every Jellyfish Got Obliterated Except Andre."

Andre:The JellY Nation Will Rise Again!

(Andre Teleports)

Mudkip;Oh Guys! GO Reviver Seeds!

Jake and Grovyle:did we Win?

Mudkip:Yes! "eats blue Gummi" Atk Rose!

SpiriTomb's Lair

Mudkip:Get Ready To be Jacked Up!



(Jake and Mudkip Fell Asleep)

Grovyle:You and Me! One-on-one!

Grovyle:"Changes Moveset" "Holds Flying Gem"


Flying Gem Increased Its Power!

Spiritomb:Urgh! Shadow Ball!

Grovyle:Grah! Ouch. Try this on for size! Leech Seed!

Spiritomb:Rest!... Spiritomb Fell asleep. His HP was Fully Healed

Leech Seed Saps Health of Spiritomb!

Grovyle:Time to End this!

Grovyle:Swords Dance + Swords Dance + Leaf Blade!