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Planet Paralysis- Darkrai is Too hard to Find

Mudkip:Great.Now where is that fool.

Grovyle:Im still Gripped With the epicness of the last Chapter

Jake:Come on guys lets do this alredy.

Dark Cave BF 1

Mudkip:Lets not make this too much of a Hassle.

Grovyle:What? oh.


Mudkip:Crud... A monster house.

Grovyle:Come on! Acrobatics!

Mudkip:Blizzard!! Magic Cloak Summon Levitate!

"Mudkip is Now Floating"

Mudkip:Looks Like you need Help Jake. Magic Cloak Party Influence Go!

Jake:Must PARTY Forever!!! Lazors!

"Lazer Decimates the Monster house and the Next Floor.

Grovyle:The Sheer Epicness! I am Speechless.

Mudkip:Nice! 5 floors to go!


Celebi:Oh Yo guys.Lemme Join.I've Heard From the Future Darkrai and Andre Rigged this place with Monster Houses.

Grovyle:Alright.Lets go!

Celebi:Warp To the Future! Go to the Stairs!



Andre:Yep And Im Back i see your pockets are full again! Im helping Darkrai for the Cash!! Jelly Soldiers GO!


Celebi:I cant use My Time travel He's Jamming Me

Jake:I cant stretch!

Grovyle:Now Why cant i move.

Andre:Imprison!! "Takes there Money" sweet. Now Toss em in the Dungeon Next Floor.

Jelly Soldier:Right! Prime Minister!

Dungeon Tower


Celebi:.... Seed Bomb!

Grovyle:Its no use We cant escape.There's No hope.

Mudkip:I wont give up this easily.They may have Disabled My Cloak Powers But i still have this!

Mudkip:All of your Pokemon wont get send out.Except Mine.Come Forth,Lemongrab!!!!

Lemon:Were Locked in the Dungeon..............

Mudkip:Jake,hand me the box.

Jake:Here you go.

Mudkip: Box Portal I summon You!!! Celebi's Psychic,Grovyle's Leech Seed,Jake's Stretchy Powers,and My Blizzard!

Box Portal:I have Been Summoned.

Celebi:Lets go!


Jake:Lich! and Andre?!

Grovyle:Wait Wut?

Mudkip:Finn Come to me!

Finn:Wait What? Why is Lich Firing lazers at us?

Me-Mow:How Did we get here.

Mudkip:Ive been summoning AT characters offscreen even during the first chapter you were just invisible to the eyes of them...

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