Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Wiki


Planet Paralysis- Finale

Darkrai:Fool! Eat my Dark Void Of eh......Something!

Grovyle:Right! "Fell Asleep"


Jake:Wait wut? "Jake Dodges!"

Mudkip:Lemongrab! Make him Deaf!

Darkai:I have Earplugs!

Jake:Thats not Fair!

Darkrai:Screw the Rules,I have a Flamegum Vampire Queen!



FlameGumVQ:Oh Call me FlamegumVQ. Adhesive Sticky Flare!


"Mudkip is Stuck to The Wall"

Mudkip:Stall her out Bro!

Darkrai:I'll go Grab the Popcorn.Yo Mud want some?

Mudkip:Sure I guess But I cant move.

Jake:Punch! My hand is Stuck!

FlamegumVQ:Yes! Nitro Peppermint Fang go!


Mudkip:Magic Cloak Teleport! Magic Cloak Take hit!

Mudkip:Ah! "Turns into a FlameGummykip"

FGkip:This isn't so Bad! hehehe! Blazing Cane Barrage!

FlamegumVQ:Heh You missed!

Jake:No kidding.

FGkip:Relax Jake.I wasn't aiming for Her.

Darkrai:urgh!You shall pay for that! Dark Pulse!

Jake:I'll Go Block Darkrai.Yu go Fight!

FGkip:Right. Blazing Gumdrop Cannon! Magic Cloak Bazooka Booster!


Flamegum:See you Guys Later "Disappears"

Darkrai:NO! Dark Lazah!

Grovyle and Celebi:Were Awake now! Block Shot!

Darkrai:See you Guys Later!

Andre:what did I miss?