YO Guys Its Me IM trying to make A new Lame Fanfic

Return Of the Ice Ninjas

The Very Moment That Numb-Chuck Stroke Him He fell Straight To the Ground Unconcious. He went To his Imagination Zone.He Made The Ultimate Plan So That Even They Couldn't Stop Him This Time.

It Was Starting To Rain.... Everyone Found Shelter. Finn And Jake Grabs The Book With Ease.

Before They Could even Celebrate A Unfortunate Event has Happened.

Princess BubbleGum Was Kidnapped.But not Only That Every Princess in OOO has Been Kidnapped As Well!

Report Of Bmo.

BMO: "So Finn What Are You Guys Going To do Now?"

Finn: "We Shall Hunt Down This Fiend And Bring Him to Justice"

Jake:" So Be it Brother".

Suddenly A Flower Pot Was Shaking.... rumble Rumble It Cracked and They Saw. Flambo.

Flambo: Guys I have News For You...

Finn: What is it?

Flambo: Somehow I can Feel It In The Wind That. Someone Cursed The Land Of Ooo With An Enchantment.

Jake: That Sounds Ominous.Whats The Effects Of "this enchantment"

Flambo: Jake Try Punching Finn.

(Jake tries To Punch Finn But He his Hand became Paralayzed. He uses his Other hand to Put his hand down The Paralysis Went Away.)

(The Rain Became Heavy With Thunder and Lightning.Trees Were On Fire, Some Of The houses Were Electifried)

Finn: What Is Happening Today? It Feels Horrible

Flambo:This is The Horrible Side-Effect Of This Enchantment.


Jake:Right,We'll Figure This Out Flambo

Finn:Its Adventure Time!! ---------------------------------------------> --------------------------------->

> ----------------------------------------------->_------------------------------->

Finn and Jake Traveled For Hours.

Jake: This Rain is Getting Worse And Worse.

Finn: Dont worry Dude I brought This A Large Umbrella and a Rain Coat.

Jake: Thanks Brother.

Finn: Welcome Brother.

(Finn And Jake Still Continued To Travel As They open The Manual To Find New Secrets Want To Find Out Check Out Part 2 To Find Out)