Part 2

Finn and Jake Have traveled Far but still. Haven't reached the Mysterious Castle.

Finn:" I think We should open the Manual Now".

Jake: "Hmm I guess we Should".

(Then They Master New skills)

Fridjitzu Master Finn Summons Armor Of Ice!.

Fridjitzu Master Jake Summons Chilling Breath Of Acid!.

The armor Was Strong enough to Withstand The acid attack.

Fridjitzu Master Jake Summons Explosive Freezing Bomb.

Fridjitzu Master Finn Summons Frozen Shadow Slash.

Fridjitzu Master Jake Summons Flying Jump!

(As The Bomb Is Thrown The Armor Explodes. Then Everything Froze up to a 10 mile-radius.

Fortunately FSS allowed Finn to teleport Near Jake's back. He then slashes with a quick Strike. Jake Evades With Flying Jump. Thus ending the practice Battle.)

Finn: There it Is I spot It Mysterious Castle, Lets bust them Up.

Jake: Lets use Our ninja stealth to Take out the Guards First.

Jake: I'll Go Back You Go Front.

Finn: Awesome.Snow Blind!.

Jake: Thin Ice, Thin Ice!.