Back of the castle

"Hmm Earclopses with Ear Plugs Thats clever...." Jake Quietly said to Himself.

Fridjitzu Master Jake summons STARS OF FROZEN RAIN + FLYING JUMP

Jakes Leaps Into The air almost Exiting the Troposphere as he Summons A HailStorm of Frozen Shuriken.

The Earclopses Threw There Spike Clubs High into the Sky. Jake was still in Mid-Air so he used gravity to make him fall to the ground Grabbing 3 Shuriken In The Process. He gets hit by one of the Spike Clubs which Hits Him hard.He still managed to Stand Up and Throw The shurikens Slicing the earplugs in half and Destroying them.Jake then Proceeds To Scream Very loudly Defeating the Earclopses.

"Castle Front"

"A Bazooka goblin and 3 Dragons Thats gonna be hard To beat." Finn Thought to Himself.

Fridjitzu Master Finn Summons Frozen Enbodiment + Dual NailStorm

Frozen Enbodiment Transforms Finn To an Ice Dragon For 1 minute

The NailStorm Launched Dealing severe Damage to the dragons Killing them in the process One managed to get away. As For the Bazooka Goblin His Bazooka Exploded on Him sending him Mid-air then hiting the Escaped Dragon.

F&J: Easy Peezy, Livin' Greasy