Back OF The Castle

Jake entered The Castle Back Doors And He Noticed There are Two Ways: Left And Right He decided to Check the Right

Right Path (Back)

As Jake Entered He Discovered A Secret Portal That Leads To the Front Entance Where Finn Is.

Altough There's A Goblin Horde And A Troll King (Troll as In Not Mythical As In A TROLL).

Jake : "Thin Ice Thin Ice Thin Ice" As He Warped Into The Portal.

Castle Front

Finn: "JAKE! Your'e Here What Happend Dude."

Jake: I Got Here Using a PorTal.Long Story

Finn: Lets Move!


Castle Front F1

Finn: There Are Lots Of Ninja Guards And A Solid Steel Wall Guarding WildBerry Princess.

Jake: I'll Go Fight You free the Princess

Finn : Radical


Ninja Guards Summon Rising Earth CAGE!!!

As the CAGE traps Jake,HE prepares For his Next Move


HE breaks Free

Shadow Flare! casted by the Ninja Guards

Fridjitzu Master Jake Summons Icicle Kick + Frozen Arrow Swarm

The Flare Quickly rebounded To the Arrows Fusing it to Become

Shadow Hydro Arrow Swarm + Freezing Breath

As All the ninjas get hit they Fall To the ground And Jake's Freezing Breath Perma-Frosts Them.

Finn: "Dont Worry Princess I'll Get You out Of here"

Fridjitzu Master Finn Summons Force Of Blizzard! + Frozen Shadow Strike!

Finn Vanishes Out Of Thin air the Blizard freezes the Wall Then Finn slices it in Half Thus.Freeing The Princess.

WP: Thank you Finn And Jake.

F&J Your'e Welcome One Princess Down Lots More To Go