???: They Seem to be Suceeding Lets kick Thing's up a Notch. GUNTER! Crank that lever to 10!

Gunter: ''Wenk'

Finn:Whoa Dude Check It

Jake:The place Is Crammed Full Of Guards We cant take So Many of them


30 Seconds Later

(They Failed Horribly)

Finn:Ouch My Head What Happend

Jake: We Got Got,Oof


(10 mins Earlier)

(Finn And Jake montage of rescuing Princesses)

Jake: We Need Someone To help ill Call CG

Jake:Yo CG we need help

CG: Help You say, Well It'll Be On Its Way

Jake: Alright

(LSP Comes)

LSP: Im Here

Finn: LSP! You Haven't Been Got?

LSP: Well I was like Eating Sandwiches and Ninjas Came I was like What The Lump So i Punched them Then Made Them Lumpers!

Jake: That Makes Sense

LSP: Oh And I Brought 5 Lumpy Ninjas And A Lumpy Penguin

Finn: Shmao-zow! LETS MOVE!

Crystal Guardians Fire there Lazers!

Finn: Snow Blind

Jake: Reflective Ice!

(since Crystal Guardians are crystal A Never Ending chain of Bouncing lazers has been Made)

LSP: "Throws A Lumpy Gunter"

Fridijitzu Master Finn Summons: Snow Flare+ Snow Bolt

SnowFlare melts The crystal then Gunter Ricochets To The Giant Spider

SnowBolt misses the spider. The Spider Summons Spider swarm (Imprisoning Finn,Jake, and LSP)

Finn: They Didnt Ban The ComBo Move!

Jake: DO IT! ME and LSP will hold These Things OFF!

Finn: Ice Burst!

Finn:: UP,Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Spin, Down, Up, Left, Right, Left, Down, Spin, Up, Down, Jump.