PART 6!!!!

As Finn Destroyed The Spider Monster.

(Rescues Hot Dog Princess)

Finn: No time To Talk now Princess We Have to Go!


???: Graaah! If You Want Things Done You Have To Do Them Yourself.

(Reveals Him Self as The ICE KING)

Finn:This Is It,The Lair

Jake; Lets do This Bro

Ice King: Prepare To Die Finn and Jake!!! Transforms Into The Giga-Samurai-Ninja-Ice-Dragon-Lazer-Gengar-Of Destruction!!

Jake: This is Too OP. Even For A Final Boss.HEY Ewan Can You Make Him Weaker.

Me:Ehh No. The Ending has to Be Epic.So Good luck With That Hmm Alright Jake Heres an Extra Life!

Finn you get The like-Like Sweater! Carry On Guys

IK: DIE FINN The Human Boy!


Finn: Oh Crud Crud Crud Crud Crud!

Snow Blind+ Force Of Blizzard+ Icicle Kick+Frozen Dagger Smash!

Finn Quickly Avoids The Draco Meteor.But His FOB isn't Strong enough To Reflect Ice King's Frozen Spike Tail Smash. (Finn Gets Jacked Up With Paralysis As He Cannot Stand Up But HE can Move Just not Stand up)

Finn: Arghhhhhh

Jake:FINN!,You'll Pay for That ice King.

Ice King: Ehh NO! Ultimate Ice Cage!

(Jake becomes Frozen and Imprisoned)

(Ice King Laughs)

Finn: Oh Come on Ewan Let us win!

Ewan: (Telepathically Speaks to Finn. Finn You Are Gonna Win You Just Have To Believe In YourSelf!)

Finn:Alright With My paralysed Body I Shall Do IT!

Frozen Taunt +Ice Heal+ Chilling Dagger Storm + Frozen Shadow Strike

'Finn: ('Yo Ice King. Your Plan is So lame! Your'e not A Genius Your'e not a Genius!) "Taunts IK"

Ice King: Grr Take That Back Finn You TRUE JERK!

(Ice King Is Taunted)

Finn: Time To Do This!

All My Fridjitzu Moves Combine! So as Jake's! Skill Linked Assault GO!

Ice King: Gah I cant Use my Ice Barrier

(Ice KIng Gets Owned)

Meanwhile In The Tree Fort

FlamBo: The Sky Is Lighting Up! Finn and Jake Did it!!

Bmo: It Does Compute..

(Every Princess Is Safe The End)

Bonuses: What would You like to See

My List Of Made Up Fridjitzu Moves

Lsp Owns Some Ninja's