Somewhere in Ooo

Arcanine:Sire. I have brought this "Thing" to you? Have any clue what it is?

FlamegumVQ:Could it be..........? It is! The Dimensional Bubble Blower!

With it......... (She speaks bout it for 45 mins)

Arcanine:(Yawns!!) Alright. What now?

FlamegumVQ:First off. I call Upon you power of 4th dimension!!! Show me your strength!!

4th Dimension Guide:Very well,Come forth Lolwy 3dimensional figures!

4th Dimension Assasin:You figures do realize you need to open another Portal to Enter?

Arcanine:Roar! I'll go do it....

(Arcanine Moves at Blazing Fast speed and Opened the Portal at The Tree Fort)

Arcanine:It is done.

4th Dimension Assassin:Excellente my Vigilante.

(Meanwhile in the Tree Fort)

Finn:Whoa Dude? What is that!

Jake:I dunno but I think its a Black Hole! I'll shield you!

(Jake Inevitably tries to do it but he fails due to the sheer force of the portal)

4th Dimension (FlameGumVQ)

FlamegumVQ:Hmm.What do we do now?

4th Dimension Assassin: (Facepalm).. I'll lead the way. You want to see the Power Core right?

Arcanine:Yes we Do.

4th Dimension Assassin:Hurry. The Monsters here are very unstable.


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