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The Square Bracket: Prolouge

 There was a huge explosion, that was so massive, it divided the Square Bracket into two different sides, The Left Square Bracket, and the Right Square Bracket. Both brackets have waged war at each other since the day of that explosion, and even then at present times, their collisions against each other has some effect in the ''"Land of Ooo"

But, there was one person from the "Material Square Bracket" which is the original Square Bracket, has been sent into the "Land of Ooo" to change the destiny of the Square Bracket once, and for all...

The Square Bracket: The Revelation Part 1

One day, a huge earthquake striked down the area between the boundaries of the "Grass Lands" and the "Candy Kingdom"  This huge tremor has blocked all noticable paths between the two areas, rendering flight transportation the only feasible way for people to get from 'The Grass Lands, to the Candy Kingdom, and vice-versa.

Finn woke up from the earthquake's massive destruction. And went downstairs to find Jake. "Jake, there's a huge earthquake!' ,he shouted. Jake replied softly, saying "The only person who can stop it is....." , Finn asked "WHO?,  who can stop this?!" But strangely, Jake never replied, and jumped in on the earthquake's cracked path.

Finn cried out Jake's name, and followed him to the cracked path.. But it magically closed, slamming Finn to the ground, leaving him unconcious.


Jake saw a green square shaped light in the dark crevice, and began to follow it, saying "Must find the Square Bracket, must find Tobuscus Mayo.....  He soon reaches a Square Gate, which has been sealed, and it reads:

​The one who is worthy of knowing the King of Deceit, shall enter this gate..... B.t..... be... o...  th.... pa..... ...head....

Jake exclaimed! "A gate, but it has a note, and some of the words have faded away......". He tried to use his stretchy powers to get pass through the gate, but it was impassable.. Jake stood up and said  "The "King of Deceit was no other than......My..." Before he was able to finish his sentence, he has been taken captive by a Square Headed Beast, and he was carried by this monster as it flew to a place unknown, by man, or any creature besides these strange square-shaped ones.

The Square Bracket: The Revelation Part 2

Finn's POV.

"I was knocked unconcious after hitting the ground, and Jake is currently trapped in there, I'm trying to fing a way to get in there and rescue him, but I don't think I can, so I went to non-other than, Princess Bubblegum, as she might help me with the crisis".


"Let me go, I need to find Tobuscus Mayo!", Jake argued. "ONE DOES NOT SPEAK THE KING OF DECEIT'S NAME!", the beast replied.  Jake was confused, as Tobuscus Mayo was no other than his long-lost friend.. "Could he be the King of Deceit? He isn't the one, I was there on the day of the explosion...".

The Square of Punishment.

Beast's POV.

How does he know, that Tobuscus, is the King of Deceit?! It's impossible, we wiped his memory, unless......... his brain was shot by the "Cube of Memory".

"Slave, come here, into the cell!", The beast said. "Never!",  Jake said.(he tried to stretch into a Huge Fist, but failed) "I have already told you a dozen times, these square leg cuffs, neutralizes all magic powers.. Jake stared into his cell, filled with cubes of different sizes and shapes.


Finn: Princess!

Princess Bubblegum: What is it? Is it about that Earthquake?

Finn: Well yes, Jake was muttering something about someone stopping the earthquake, and jumped into the crack, caused by the earthquake.

Princess: Wait....and that's the crack that somehow sealed itself right?


Princess: Hmm, I need to work on something that can burrow underground, and detect that hidden crevice. Wait here, I heard some noises, the tremor might have released monsters on the surface.

Finn: (Grabs sword) Alright PB! Let's make that "thing" quickly!

"Oh Finn, where are you, it reeks in here" Jake said. Huh? what's this (touches cube). CUBE OF TELEPORTATION HAS ACTIVATED, Select a Path, Path of Despair, Path of the King, Path of the Surface..

(This must be a trick, the Path of the King would lead me in a death trap for sure, and the surface would let me be unable to fix the Square Bracket, so I have no other choice but the Path of Despair.)

The beast grabbed the cube before Jake was able to teleport, but he was too late."No, King Tobuscus, is gonna kill me for this", he muttered to himself...


The Square Bracket: The Path of Despair


The Square Bracket: The King of Deceit