As you all know I, Flame Princess, am an Administrator here and one of if not THE most active user on the wiki. Some time ago a few users proposed that I should become a Bureaucrat due to my level of activity and general indifference on certain subjects. Now I met this statement at the time with general indifference that I have always met news.
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Created by Ivancartoonist[1]

Now that some time has passed and I have thought it over. Now what I ask of you is to allow me to become a Bureaucrat. As many of you know we recently had to remove some Bureaucrats due to inactivity, and the few Bureaucrats that are here aren't very active, or at the very least not active enough as we wish them to be. What we need is an active Bureaucrat that can handle decisions for the better good. Now as many of you know I am very devoted to the wiki itself, spending a lot of my time on the Wiki and being one of the most active users. As having been an Administrator I know my way around the Wiki and its various aspects. So what I propose is that you vote here, on a poll to determine whether or not you support the idea of me becoming a Bureaucrat. As a Bureaucrat I will be more active then all the other Bureaucrats combined, willing be able to listen to your troubles and help make a real decision when it comes to situations that involve the state of the Wiki and its Users. As your Fire Lord I will care for not only the condition of the Wiki as seen by the public eye but also for the users that inhabit it and use it everyday. Due to my general indifference views on subjects and situations it makes me unbiased and thus any and all decisions I make will not be affected by feelings and thus fair for all involved. I will be able to handle the various situations that are thrown towards me and unlike some previous Chat Moderators/Administrators I can handle the various negatives that can be dished out towards not only me but those who I keep an eye on. I am also very active in the Wiki's Chat so I am familiar with the users and am not detached from them, thus I can easily decide what is the best for you. For those of you who view edit count as a indication of one's dedication I have 2,194 edits in the current space in time, 46.97% of which are Mainspace edits. Will you accept me as your Fire Lord and make me into a Bureaucrat, or will you refuse it and just be happy with not only where I currently am but also the state of the Wiki itself? The decision is yours and yours alone. I will fully embrace and respect your decision whatever it may be. You have until September 15th Midnight GMT-7 to decide my fate. The individual is weak, but far from powerless. Show the world your true power.

End Poll

The Poll is now over. Here are the final results: BureaucratPoll

It would appear the decision is clear, with over 80% of voters saying I should be a Bureaucrat, then it will be so. Thank you for your participation in this poll. A New Age is dawning.