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    Who Would Win Thought

    September 21, 2012 by FPs Little Buddy

    Okay, I admit that I grounded and I used my IPad since my computer is a bit broken. Okay, so I think that the the Who Would Win episode was okay, just okay. I really think it's fine. The Farm was really huge, that's all I could say.So..... That is why this is short....870 pages of Harry Potter...

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  • FPs Little Buddy

    You Made Me Thought

    September 7, 2012 by FPs Little Buddy

    Yes. You Made Me. One of those few episodes that surpass even my Top 3 Favorites. With of course, LemonG, And some kids named the Pup Gang.Was it the Pup Gang? I forgot.

    It felt emotional a bit, but it had minor funnies in it, which cleared up some emotional scenes. It also has LG saying "YOU MADE ME!" similar to the actual episode's title. Before, when I saw this, I used to think that LGs Castle was in the 'Candy Desert' or something like that, but whatever. LemonGrab also stalks Chocoberry and Starchy and the rest of the Candy People. Apparently, it started as a 'Weird and Creepy Secret' by the Banana Guards, which, Finn and Jake told to PB, which she told other Candy Peeps, and other stuff.

    Little minor note: Peppermint Butler and his Au…

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  • FPs Little Buddy

    King Worm Thought

    August 31, 2012 by FPs Little Buddy

    Okay, I put King Worm here now since I still need to watch You Made Me. I probably would be one episode late all the time, so yeah.

    This is one of the weirdest episodes yet.Seriously, I don't know what I'd feel if The Lich was having a tea party with PB, or if I turned to a baby then a ghost lady was freaking me out. I think I would lose my marbles. The weird part is when Lady had a tape mouth.Weird. I wish the part when FP and Finn were married ( possibly) was true. The cool part of this episode is that is has stuff related to other episodes like Ocean Of Fear or Mortal Recoil/Folly. I am sorry if I don't really put much in this thing because I have lots of stuff to do right now, also.

    I also like Jake's Dad knitting King Worm. It was cool,…

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  • FPs Little Buddy

    Yay! Second Blog Post! I probably would do this every Friday so I wouldn't miss anything.Though, I do think I might only put some episodes. I really do not know. Okay, on to the point: So, this is one of those ' Well, it's fine' sort of episodes.[Sidenote: I would put King Worm tomorrow afternoon, I think.] I like it when we find Lady is preggo and stuff, and that it is in the heart monitor, 5 Rainidogs/ Rainipups. It is sorta like fan made when Lady was Preggo, since some Fanfiction usually has somebody like PB or Marcie or FP pregs. And personally, as much as I like Lady pregs, the word pregnant creeps me out.No idea why, but it does.

    The other cool part is Ricardio is back! Though at some point he is still weird. Hey, some people in AT i…

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  • FPs Little Buddy

    Hey,this is what I thought of Burning Low.Anyway, Im geussing I shouldnt have watch ALL the previews, because it made the ep feel pretty short.I couldnt get mad at Peebs in all the previews,although I may have been a bit till I saw a leak.So thats why FPs Dad said FP was evil...geez, he coulda said unstable,but this was before Burning Low, so AT staff probably did not think of it at the moment.

    Anywho, I would put what I thought about Lady & Peebs after this (Lady Preggers! Dat iz all.). Okay,when I saw the ep i caught some words by PB when she was telling Jake ( Who, apparently, was sleeping) about FPs unstable elematrix or whatchamathingy...FP and Finn can at least kiss with rocks,right?

    I also think that Jake was just being a jerk for a bit,…

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