Hey,this is what I thought of Burning Low.Anyway, Im geussing I shouldnt have watch ALL the previews, because it made the ep feel pretty short.I couldnt get mad at Peebs in all the previews,although I may have been a bit till I saw a leak.So thats why FPs Dad said FP was evil...geez, he coulda said unstable,but this was before Burning Low, so AT staff probably did not think of it at the moment.

Anywho, I would put what I thought about Lady & Peebs after this (Lady Preggers! Dat iz all.). Okay,when I saw the ep i caught some words by PB when she was telling Jake ( Who, apparently, was sleeping) about FPs unstable elematrix or whatchamathingy...FP and Finn can at least kiss with rocks,right?

I also think that Jake was just being a jerk for a bit, which made Finn all angry at Peebs.All the tension would've probably been gone if Finn stayed and he did not go to FP, or Jake if he did not SLEEP.If I could just go in AT , I would just tell FP and Finn that they could only kiss with rocks.And then I disappear to my bed.

This also reminds me of Ricardio The Heart Guy.A certain talking dog was being jerky,although he did know that Finn had a crush on PB, and I couldn't blame him at that episode since I did know that Finn had hearts on PB on that Episode.At Burning Low, it was a totally different story.I know that Peebs doesn't have a crush on Finn.Although she probably could've if she stayed young in Too Young.But hey, she loves the Candy People, and knows that responsibility comes before relationships....wait, or was it after?

I could say that this is my fave-fave Episode, but there is more AT Episodes, so I don't really think I want to say that right now.Although now, I can't wait for You Made Me, with-yep,it's him-

LemonGrab! I seriously can't wait.Why? I like that he smells like Dog Buns.

I think this wraps it up. See Ya!