Okay, I put King Worm here now since I still need to watch You Made Me. I probably would be one episode late all the time, so yeah.

This is one of the weirdest episodes yet.Seriously, I don't know what I'd feel if The Lich was having a tea party with PB, or if I turned to a baby then a ghost lady was freaking me out. I think I would lose my marbles. The weird part is when Lady had a tape mouth.Weird. I wish the part when FP and Finn were married ( possibly) was true. The cool part of this episode is that is has stuff related to other episodes like Ocean Of Fear or Mortal Recoil/Folly. I am sorry if I don't really put much in this thing because I have lots of stuff to do right now, also.

I also like Jake's Dad knitting King Worm. It was cool, but creepy. Again, I'm very sorry if I didn't put much. I am SO sleepy.....Let me just put some more stuff for something else:

What do you think would happen in Who Would Win?

Please post below!