Yay! Second Blog Post! I probably would do this every Friday so I wouldn't miss anything.Though, I do think I might only put some episodes. I really do not know. Okay, on to the point: So, this is one of those ' Well, it's fine' sort of episodes.[Sidenote: I would put King Worm tomorrow afternoon, I think.] I like it when we find Lady is preggo and stuff, and that it is in the heart monitor, 5 Rainidogs/ Rainipups. It is sorta like fan made when Lady was Preggo, since some Fanfiction usually has somebody like PB or Marcie or FP pregs. And personally, as much as I like Lady pregs, the word pregnant creeps me out.No idea why, but it does.

The other cool part is Ricardio is back! Though at some point he is still weird. Hey, some people in AT is weird, so whatever! Another thing that is glued in my brain is that hole in Ice King's heart.But is wasn't really-super-very-sticky-will-stick-to-anything-glue, so I was fine after I found out IK's heart was replaced with stuff and maracas.

I also remember that episode that debuted Ricardio in it... Anyway, other things is I liked it when Lady spoke English. That was good, or we might have not understanded Jake when he was all, " Hummm... Puppies?" When Lady announced she was preggers, they have went to the Ultimate-Tier-That-Finn-And-FP-Cannot-Go-To-Since-Tier-2-Is-Evil! Anywho, I have nothing else to say because... I really have nothing to say.