Yes. You Made Me. One of those few episodes that surpass even my Top 3 Favorites. With of course, LemonG, And some kids named the Pup Gang.Was it the Pup Gang? I forgot.

It felt emotional a bit, but it had minor funnies in it, which cleared up some emotional scenes. It also has LG saying "YOU MADE ME!" similar to the actual episode's title. Before, when I saw this, I used to think that LGs Castle was in the 'Candy Desert' or something like that, but whatever. LemonGrab also stalks Chocoberry and Starchy and the rest of the Candy People. Apparently, it started as a 'Weird and Creepy Secret' by the Banana Guards, which, Finn and Jake told to PB, which she told other Candy Peeps, and other stuff.

Little minor note: Peppermint Butler and his Aura might be referenced in another episodes. Who knows? The AT staff do. Anyway, this is a reference in Death In Bloom,and I really hope we find out Peppermint's real personality ( Like we didn't know at the end of Death In Bloom). Anyway,back to the point.

At the end of the episode, There is two Lemongrabs now. I seriously like it when they touched each other, it was funny. Personally, I think LemonGrab 1 would'nt be such a butt any more, but that's why I like 'em anyway.