September 23, 2012. At that day I joined this community. This community proved to be one of the best I have participated in. There are tons of awesome people there such as a crazed Xbox nut, a otaku, a radical FP x Finn shipper, and someone who is apparently the future. (All of those names are a joke. I would never insult you guys. :D)  

How must we celebrate? I am thinking about creating a server for either two games: Counter Strike: Source, or Garry's Mod. You guys will get to vote what game you want to play. Just beware: these games require a really good computer. A ultra low-spec cheaply made computer from 1995 won't work.

Thanks for reading! I will get back to you once the voting is finished. The deadline is Sep. 21.

EDIT: And the community chose: nothing. Frick. And there is a reason. Nobody wants to buy a game just to play with me. So I have a solution: I am going to make a server for Xonotic. Xonotic is a free FPS that has some good optimization options. The game is based off of a heavily modified Quake engine called Darkplaces, which has a option to have fancy graphics or normal old Quake graphics. This makes it easier to run on most computers, however it still is limited to medium spec computers. No ultra low-spec Windows 95 computers here. However it comes with another catch. This game is pretty big, with more than a gig flooding your hard drive. However it shouldn't be a problem, so the main issue should be downloading it. What you need to do is get uTorrent, and download the official Xonotic torrent for a faster download. See ya!