You know those things which are under "main characters"? They've kinda gotten out of hand. I originally agreed with it. Finn-Jake-Ice King-PB-Rainicorn-Marceline. Sure. Why not. All have HUGE roles in the show ('Cept for Rain, but Penn Ward insists that she's major, so why not). Then we added on LSP. Still fine. LSP is awsome, so yeah. Why not? Then BMO. Well...he did appear in 5 short graybles. THEN flame princess...she's only in two eps, but they were a pretty big part...and CINNAMON BUN!!!!!!!!! With FOUR MAJOR APPEARENCES!!!!!!!

I know I sound kinda bossy right now, but some of those guys need to be removed. LSP 'n Flame Princess are fine, but CB and BMO? :(

I think in their place (if we add any new ones) should be the Lich. I know. Only three eps' (arguably four) but he's oviously going to be a major antagonist some day, maybe (after the jolly secret) THE major antagonist.

Serrously the rate we're going, Gunter and Ghost Princess will be there or (Grob Gob Glob Grod forbid) Susan Strong and Billy.