Last night I had a dream about adventure time. Okay, technically not true. So technically, I had a dream about T Rexs going to war with Teddy Bears, which then turned into Adventure Time. But in my dream, the Lich used the power of the Enchardieron to find out how to control Marceline, and used that power to enter her form and become a higher entity than the snail it had been forced to hide in. Jake, Finn and Ice King lead an army (Banana Guards, Penguins and Icemen) against the Lich, and manage to trap it in the body of Cinnamin Bun (I feel sorry for it), but Jake had to give up his control over his physical body, and his astral body was trapped in the spirit world of ice king's wizard eyes in an ancient temple OUTSIDE OF OOO in which the last battle of the mushroom war was fought. Finn, of course, leaves to find him and free him. And then, of course, because the entire world is an idiot, Cinnamin Bun manages to capture Flame Princess, threating the Ice King, sole surrviver besides Finn of their battle, for his body, or else he'll make out with her. Ice King has to give up. The Lich then rises the dead (including Halt, Lester and The Gate Guardian) and marches on the rest of Ooo. PB and IK are forced to work together in the fight against the undead, and amass an army of friends and allies from previous episodes, creating the LEAUGE OF OOO.

Of course, before they can actually fight (or switch back to T Rexs and Teddy Bears), my alarm clock goes off. I speant the day wondering who would have been in it, so I made this blog. Vote in the comments on who you'd want from this list of characters and assets (please no one off of it. only vote for one character):

  • Princess Bubblegum
    • Average hand-to-hand, the Ball Blam Burgler, pluse her knowledge on medical matters and acess to resources within the candy kingdom
  • Ice King
    • His Ice Powers, Wizard Eyes, and acess to resources within the Ice Kingdom.
  • Marceline
    • Marceline has some power over the dead, so she might be able to gain a few allies. She can transform into numerous fighting forms, and is almost as strong as Finn and Jake.
  • BEMO
    • Beemo would be, like, the superhero's big screen which villains show up on and heroes use to look stuff up, only portable, and able to use the "Beemo Chop".
  • LSP
    • LSP has acess to resources within Lumpy Space, Plus she'd annoy the enemy to death.
  • Flame Princess
    • Can control fire, invade whole cities, destroy the world and to heavy makeout (two of which cause eachother). She aslo has acess to resources within the Fire Kingdom.
  • Susan Strong
    • Susan can pick up boulders, and has acess to the Hooymen Army. Plus she's plain awesome.
  • Billy
    • Bbbbbbbiiiiiiiillllllllyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I'm not even going to say why they need him.
  • Lady Rainicorn
    • Can fly, transport people, phase through walls, and get pregenant with a dog. Lady also will have some (slight as it is) influence over other Rainicorns and (possibly) the crystal dimension.
  • Earl of Lemongrab
    • Lemongrab nearly brought the Candy Kingdom to its knees twice. I know he's a villain, but he made a somewhat friendship with the heroes in his latest appearence.
  • Clone of Earl of Lemongrab
    • See above
  • Peppermint Buttler
    • Faced with the dire need of the poeple, and the rise of death, Peppermint Buttler reveals his awesome magical ability to...actually, I'm not entirely sure what, but I'll be good.
  • Gunter
    • Gunter gives birth to magically cats, even though he may be a dude. I don't know why, but the KING OF EVIL was slightly awed by him, so Gunter's gotta be powerful.
  • Dr. Princess
    • Dr. Princess has advanced knowledge of medical stuffs like that, plus she can keep the Ice King busy when he's interfering with the others.
  • Cinnamin Bun
    • Cinnamin Bun has absoultly no powers, yet is able to pwn evil every time (he escorted tarts and absorbed the Lich--what could be more glorius?)

Let me know who you want to be in it. Peace.