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  • Fameho6

    Season 5

    October 29, 2012 by Fameho6

    Season 5 of adventure time the new episode preview says that finn wished that the lich never even ever existed OMG

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  • Fameho6

    (The episode starts with jake eating popcorn and drinking soda)

    (Flame princess interrupts)

    Flame princess: daddy why did you burn my fries

    (Jake drops his soda)

    Jake: oh grod

    (Jake runs to finn's room)

    Jake: flame princess likes marceline's music

    (Finn walks away

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  • Fameho6

    The dark side of lemongrab

    September 13, 2012 by Fameho6

    guys i know you feel sorry for lemongrab but here's a short story about him from an issue of marceline and the scream queens which will shock you

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  • Fameho6

    1. Jake(in a deep voice) : I AM YOUR FATHER

    2. Flame princess : loonie

    (hits ice king with a can of beans)

    Ice king : ouch

    Flame princess : someone should send you to an asylum

    Finn : thats what im doing to Ice king

    (Finn and Flame princess laugh)

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  • Fameho6

    my burning low songs

    July 31, 2012 by Fameho6

    first version

    why did finn let go on burning low

    on burning loooow

    oh why did finn let go on burning loow

    (electric guitar plays)

    (hey guys just a fiction)

    second version (preview)

    burning low is it really over

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