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  • FearlessAstridH248Rocks!

    You will choose an available character to kill. You can also choose a weapon below to fight against the characters you've chosen. Your killing shots are limited to x5 and you can play once. To attack, you comment below.

    Example: Kill Finn with Demon Sword x5

    Note: If you want to use Elemental Powers, just comment; "Kill Finn with Fire x5"

    Edit: You can now heal somebody for x5. And you can also use the characters to hurt others. The maximum HP is raised to 100. The kills will be increased to x10 instead of x4.

    Thanks Brian camba for the suggestions..

    1. Finn (110 HP)
    2. Jake
    3. Flame Princess (95 HP)
    4. Princess Bubblegum
    5. Marceline
    6. Lumpy Space Princess
    7. Beemo
    8. Snail (95 HP)
    9. Ice KIng (95 HP)
    10. Cinnamon Bun (45 HP)
    11. Flame King
    12. The Earl of Lemongrab (together with Lemongrab 2) …

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  • FearlessAstridH248Rocks!

    Hey guys.. I'm sorry for posting a blog like this. It wasn't about Adventure Time. We are having a class problem. Can I ask for help?

    Our teacher got angry yesterday. Really mad! And we almost got home at almost 6:00pm. She warned us to be absent the next morning. The next day, everyone on class attended classes. When the bell rang, we formed our line formation in front of the principal's office and the office was also near the Faculty Room. Every grade school pupils got into their own classrooms. Except for us, we stayed in line. School rules says we can't get inside the classroom without the teacher's rules. We waited.. Our teacher told us to be absent, still she was very mad. She left us and did the things she want to do. We're so loyal …

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  • FearlessAstridH248Rocks!

    Adventure Time.. My favorite cartoon show as a kid.

    I'm losing interest about this!

    After watching The Red Throne, I'm starting to predict God has cursed the show!

    Why The Hell would CB fall in love with FP???!!!!

    If you AT Lovers will comment: "You're a jerk!" or "Shut up you Butt Hole" or anything related to butts, youthink of the episode. Question yourselves why? I'm starting to like CG Animated cartoons than this. Besides, they make more sense. If the staffs manages to fix this FP and Finn shipping mess, I'm gonna be interested to this show again.

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  • FearlessAstridH248Rocks!

    If you guys watchedn the episode The Red Throne, Cinnamon Bun confesses that he loves Flame Princess and will always be by her side. How stupid it is?!

    The Fact is CB is already twice as Flame Princess's age. You know, FP is 15 while CB is 30. It's like an adult being inlove on a teenager. Or more like, in a Philippine issue that the 60-year old singer, Freddie Aguilar got married to a 16 year old girl. This is the most ridiculous episode ever! Flame Princess also admits she does not have feelings for FInn anymore. Heartbreaking and tough!

    Poor FInn! He should've thought of what's going to happen before he did his "craziness" in Frost & Fire. I am starting to lose interest on Adventure Time already. If the directors manages to fix this "Finn…

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  • FearlessAstridH248Rocks!

    Hey Guys! Before you read the articles below, let me ask you a little on the newest episode.

    What do you think will happen in The Red Throne?

    The Supernatural Fact about FP: Finn and Flame Princess have a very special relationship. It is a little rare to humans like us to have a relationship in a fiery humanoid, especially a princess. What I'm saying is Flame Princess, is different of all the princess. She has awesome supernatural powers that can destroy the whole world, like what Princess Bubblegum said about FP and Finn. In "Frost & Fire" Flame Princess caused a big destruction in the Ice Kingdom, making Ice King to move temporarily on Finn and Jake's treehouse. If Princess Bubblegum has an extraordinary brain and knows a bazillion things …

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