Hey guys.. I'm sorry for posting a blog like this. It wasn't about Adventure Time. We are having a class problem. Can I ask for help?

Our teacher got angry yesterday. Really mad! And we almost got home at almost 6:00pm. She warned us to be absent the next morning. The next day, everyone on class attended classes. When the bell rang, we formed our line formation in front of the principal's office and the office was also near the Faculty Room. Every grade school pupils got into their own classrooms. Except for us, we stayed in line. School rules says we can't get inside the classroom without the teacher's rules. We waited.. Our teacher told us to be absent, still she was very mad. She left us and did the things she want to do. We're so loyal and never broke the line (except for my other classmates, they were tired and sat on the benches.) I still standed firm with my classmate Erica. Everyone discussed about their complaints and wishe they should've been absent if they're just gonna get stranded on our line formation. Some planned to be absent in the afternoon. I wasn't worried about anything. I'm worried about our NAT Review. Our adviser was also our HEKASI and Science teacher and both subjects belong to the NAT Exam. I'm worried because no ones gonna guide us or help us what to do. Second problem, when some of my groupmates are going to be absent, we can't practice on our practicum for PE tomorrow.

This time is Lunch Break in school. I used the computer here on the library. Our next subject is HEKASI and later one is Science. I seek help. What am I gonna do to make our teacher in good mood again?

I may not be a class officer but I am loyal to my teacher and classmates, even though they bully me. I care about everyone of us. Help me..

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