Hey Guys! Before you read the articles below, let me ask you a little on the newest episode.

What do you think will happen in The Red Throne?

The Supernatural Fact about FP: Finn and Flame Princess have a very special relationship. It is a little rare to humans like us to have a relationship in a fiery humanoid, especially a princess. What I'm saying is Flame Princess, is different of all the princess. She has awesome supernatural powers that can destroy the whole world, like what Princess Bubblegum said about FP and Finn. In "Frost & Fire" Flame Princess caused a big destruction in the Ice Kingdom, making Ice King to move temporarily on Finn and Jake's treehouse. If Princess Bubblegum has an extraordinary brain and knows a bazillion things about Ooo, FP has a supernatural Fire Powers that can destroy the universe. If you get the story of Burning Low, you would know why Princess Bubblegum doesn't allow Finn to hang out with Flame Princess anymore.

The Heartbraking Fact about their Relationship: In Vault of Bones, Flame Princess started calling Finn as her boyfriend. Meanwhile, in Puhoy, Finn worries about their relationship, wherein FP didn't get his joke. What I really meant is in Frost & Fire, Finn's joke was his prophetic dream which cause them to break up. In Earth & Water, Finn tries to fix the mess he made. Well he did for the Ice King but Flame Princess told them just to be friends.

So what now?

What do you think will happen on The Red Throne? Don't worry I'll be monitoring on the wiki for informations. But if you have any ideas about the episode, just tell me. Thank you! :)