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The Killing Game

Welcome to the Killing Game!


You will choose an available character to kill. You can also choose a weapon below to fight against the characters you've chosen. Your killing shots are limited to x5 and you can play once. To attack, you comment below.

Example: Kill Finn with Demon Sword x5

Note: If you want to use Elemental Powers, just comment; "Kill Finn with Fire x5"

Edit: You can now heal somebody for x5. And you can also use the characters to hurt others. The maximum HP is raised to 100. The kills will be increased to x10 instead of x4.

Thanks Brian camba for the suggestions..

Characters Available:

  1. Finn (110 HP)
  2. Jake
  3. Flame Princess (95 HP)
  4. Princess Bubblegum
  5. Marceline
  6. Lumpy Space Princess
  7. Beemo
  8. Snail (95 HP)
  9. Ice KIng (95 HP)
  10. Cinnamon Bun (45 HP)
  11. Flame King
  12. The Earl of Lemongrab (together with Lemongrab 2)
  13. Peppermint Butler
  14. Muscle Princess
  15. Shoko
  16. Ash
  17. Lady Rainicorn
  18. Jake & Lady's Offspring (combined)
    • Jake Jr.
    • Viola
    • Charlie
    • T.V
    • Kim Khil Whan
  19. Turtle Princess
  20. Banana Guards
  21. Rattleballs
  22. Don Jon
  23. Grand Master Wizard
  24. Fionna
  25. Cake
  26. Marshall Lee (65 HP)
  27. Prince Gumball
  28. Flambo
  29. Root Beer Guy
  30. Hunson Abadeer



  • Finn's original gold sword/Scarlet
  • Root Sword
  • Shark Sword
  • Steel Sword
  • Demon Sword
  • Crystal Sword
  • Sound Sword
  • Grass Sword


  • Gauntlet of the Hero


  • Fire
  • Ice


  • Axe Bass
  • Demonic Wishing Eye
  • Crossbows

Defeated Characters:

Will be noted..