If you guys watchedn the episode The Red Throne, Cinnamon Bun confesses that he loves Flame Princess and will always be by her side. How stupid it is?!

The Fact is CB is already twice as Flame Princess's age. You know, FP is 15 while CB is 30. It's like an adult being inlove on a teenager. Or more like, in a Philippine issue that the 60-year old singer, Freddie Aguilar got married to a 16 year old girl. This is the most ridiculous episode ever! Flame Princess also admits she does not have feelings for FInn anymore. Heartbreaking and tough!

Poor FInn! He should've thought of what's going to happen before he did his "craziness" in Frost & Fire. I am starting to lose interest on Adventure Time already. If the directors manages to fix this "Finn x FP" mess by making a new FTHxFP episodes.

The question is: Does FP has feelings for CB too, that's why she doesn't have feelings for FTH anymore?