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Adventure Time - My Serie - Capitulo 1

FeedOjos December 2, 2012 User blog:FeedOjos

First episode of my series Fanon, Alternate Worlds, Part 1



Farmworld Finn: You ...

Jake: You're ...

Farmworld Jake: ¡Wow¡

(The Eyes of the Lich appear on his body)

Jake: Maybe the Enchiridion This in Well

Farmworld Finn: The magic does not exist, Nor Spectra, and ... Talking dogs

Finn: You have to believe us, the Lich will destroy Ooo

Farmworld Finn: What is Ooo?

Finn: Well, it's ... Ah ...

New Episode, Sunday, 7:30 PM (Mexico City Time) / 6:30 AM (Maybe)

Jake: I'm Not Talking, I'm just ...

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