Snail S2E5-tr Seeing as how this was just a ploy by a troll to demote the people who knew of his past, this is now not in effect anymore.

It has come to my attention that some people are acting without consulting, a few users and a few people of rank. I am sorry that it has taken me this long to notice but I am not a Social Admin and so I don't delve too deep in the community aspect of the wiki, I more watch over every edit ever made on the wiki since each edit is emailed to me (which is a GREAT feature btw, it makes managing several wikis a lot easier).

Certain actions without consultation to note are demotions of people of ranks, removal of tags that grant no power, and promotions of people. There are other actions I'm sure but these are ones that I am noting here, if you wish to discuss others then please note them below.

Such actions require consultation. These actions affect the wiki greatly and it hurts the community to act so impulsively.

Why are these things happening? This is not how the wiki that I have seen the past three years acts. I must thank Hero Boy for bringing this matter fully to my attention because I was unaware that THIS MUCH was happening and had assumed it was a lot less than what it was. It is not right to affect the entire wiki the way you alone feel it is, one must discuss with others first, at the VERY least discuss with the editors of rank, there is a reason why we have these people and when making decisions that affect the entire wiki these people at the very least need to be informed.

As what I hear many members want (including Hero Boy and Yami), I propose that all future decisions of this magnitude need to be made sure that the public is aware of them, of which I am including Chat Mods. I was fine with Chat Mods being cycled in and out before but it seems that this led to something much, much worse and now there is a lot of infighting and all fighting is wrong... this is a community, not a war zone.

Please discuss. (Discuss the above statements and possible ways to notify the community better, one possible way is to update the News every time something of this magnitude is about to happen, that way people get a popup notifying them.)