Hey all once again! On my final day I got to see the amazing Michael Rooker, he talked a lot about his work in Guardians of the Galaxy and in the Walking Dead (especially about how he was against his Walking Dead character's broken arm and unusual tactical intelligence for a zombie) as well as running around the panel talking people directly, hugging people, and questioning babies, it was an all-around great panel. Also done Sunday I had enjoyed a fun and informative Bugs Bunny panel as well as a surprisingly well-made theater show "panel" with tons of mixed media including live people, recorded people on television, audience interaction, special lighting for a lightshow, various stage props, and more called Endscape Fire and Ice and it was surprisingly done by people who live only a couple miles away from me in Ohio!

The top five moments I had at this convention was definitely topped with meeting and getting a picture with Nathan Fillion!!! Followed by seeing Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, and Michael Rooker, followed by an apparently unscheduled meet and greet with THE Doug Walker, followed by that Fire and Ice theater performance panel, and lastly by meeting all of the wonderful like-minded people at the convention.

Learned some fun stuff at this convention, I learned about a cool show called Black Sails that I have to check out, about Bugs Bunny's history, about WW2 comic book characters, that Doug the Nostalgia Critic is one of those famous people who are super awesome in person too, and some things not so fun that was learned was that I sure used up a lot of my data plan this week and Chicago's prices are higher than what I am used to, ha!

Anyways now that it has ended I have a few tips for future attendees, if you ever are lost or are looking for something just find a staff member, the people in the black shirts with the W or the blue shirted people with Volunteer on their shirts are surprisingly very helpful, I've been to many conventions and never have I found random staff members walking around to be as helpful as the ones at this Wizard World convention, which was good because due to the sheer amount of people in the lobby I didn't even notice an Information booth until day three! Some panelists can cancel, I was pretty saddened to see the Billie Piper and Arthur Darvill panel get canceled because they didn't show but panelists are human and something must have happened to cause them to cancel. Finally, as was posted all over the con, cosplay is not consent, always be sure the cosplayer is ok with whatever you are doing, please be respectful.