"Been afew years." thought the now 15 year old Finn thinking of his battle with The Litch, since then, the Ice King passed away, killed in a megabrawl between Finn and a large Octopus-esqe monster, but Finn alays knew that Ice King would die like that, but he doesn't care to mutch, anymore. Getting back to his thoughts on The Litch, Finn had a feeling that day, that something weakend, he couldn't say what, untill one day he and Jake were aproched by a reaper, telling them that their mind would be blown, for "absolutely free.", Finn and Jake agreed, they needed something to do for the day, and The Reaper ripped open a portal, when Finn and Jake steped through, they saw The Reaper again, but when the asked for his attention, it turned out to be a girl Reaper, Finn and Jake ran untill they saw a slightly changed Candy Kingdom, they say that they Gaurdians of the Royle promice, (only statues to Jake, but even he notesed that they had breasts of some kind.) Finn also noticed that some of the castle's look was different, so Finn and Jake ran to the Candy Kingdom in front of them, they noticed the female Cinnomin Bun, whom they thought was their friend in drag. When they went home five or so minutes later, Beemo began to scream with a siren "INTRUDER" over and over again, when Cake ran in and fought Jake, Finn met Fionna and the two began to fight each other, untill all of them ran out of energy, Finn asked what Fionna was doing in his house, Fionna only responded with a statement of it being her's................. to be continued.