Ok, we were in health and I decided to write a noodle song.... I was watching What Was Missing on my camera. And I was INSPIRED!!

Me: Noodles are the most wonderful things

You can suck them up like worms or string.

Get some pasta and add water

Its not done yet, wait till its hotter.

Background:this is dumb. 


me: Pasta, water, getting hotter

Yes, I'm so bored i'm writing a noodle song.

It sounds dumb now, but it'll be better if you sing along

Pasta, water, getting hotter.

A song about noodles?

background: No!

Me: I eat noodles all the time

Background: This song is stupid and barely rhymes.

Me: Hey, don't judge me!

background: Its too late!

Me: noodles are something to celebrate!

  • repeat chorus*

Teacher: Missy, what are you doing?

Me: Writing a noodle song

Teacher: Put that away and get back to work!

Me: It'll be better if you sing along

Teacher: That's it! Go to the office!!

  • screaming sounds*

Me: I knew I would win them over eventually!

Backgroung: pasta, water getting hotter

Me: and I dodn't even have to tie them up!*evil laugh*

Background: A song about noodles?

All: YES!!

Missu: You kow, that song was really lame.

HeidiL Yeah. Should we untie them now?

Missy:Let's just leave them there.

Heidi: Yeah, no one will notice if JD and Cody are absent

Misy: Wait, are we still recording?

Heidi: Never mind the tying up stuff.

Missy: Oh yeah. and don't look for JD and Cody in school tomorrow!

So what do you think?? This inspired a lot of food songs (such as JD's Jerky song and the Bread and Butter song) and my friends thought it was brillant. I might put some other food songs on here if I get enough people telling me how amazing it was( hint, hint)