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    February 28, 2015 by FinnAwesome

    Hey there, I decided to make my leave in the wiki community, after 5 long years.

    This isn't some "im going to drive myself off of a cliff ok bye"-type of deals where I just come back after a week. I'm going to be gone, most likely forever. 

    My reason for resigining is that I feel that with recent gender/social political mini-debates, I feel as that I do more harm to a community with more left-leaning people (inb4 you guys think im a far right redneck that knows nothing).

    Plus, all of the drama that went on during my stay here makes me realize how this wiki is probably setting me back.

    Keep in mind I don't hate some of you.

    It's been a pretty fun ride, minus the political debates and drama, and I hope you guys find your way in life or some other…

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    December 31, 2014 by FinnAwesome

    welp happy new years

    some anons on omegle said they will raid tumblr even tho they wont

    tumblrinas took the bait and now are triggered more than Melody Hensley's ass

    probably will be a raid

    tumblr needs to be purged

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    Whether it be about a TV show, game, politics, etc.

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    Christmas Movie Night

    December 17, 2014 by FinnAwesome

    Y'know what time is it? Christmas Time!

    And we'd like to bring back Movie Night with some holiday cheer!

    Between now and December 20th, type in the comments on what Christmas/Holiday movie (or not-Christmas movie) and we will vote on what we watch for movie night!

    BTW we will use TogetherTube , not Tinychat.

    You can also suggest aftershows which we will show Christmas specials or your favorite online shows!

    (We do not have a set date for Movie Night, but it will be before Christmas.)


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