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Boss Ideas for a project

FinnAwesome September 20, 2014 User blog:FinnAwesome

Sorry for y'know, not being about Adventure Time. Even though we barely even talk about AT anymore.

I had this neat idea for a game that'll probably never get off the ground. Basically, a bounty hunter has to defeat various criminals in the futuristic looking Earth. The unamed bounty hunter has gauntlets, and her style of play is like the Power Suit from Mega Man 6, abiet lighter and less powerful. She can also use various parts to change her gauntlets into drills, blasters, etc. (This is a pretty rough idea, not finalized or anything.) 

But anyways, if you want. Give me some ideas for various criminals and other bosses.

I can't upload images for some reason, so here's the links to the designs.  (The bounty hunter.)  (Sewer Guy) Boss idea from Perry. <3

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