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FA's Art Contest


For my 4th year on this wiki, I decided to do something special.

An art contest!

How the hell does this work?

You choose a cool character(s) from this Imgur gallery or deviantArt gallery and draw them doing whatever!

What are the guidelines, rules, etc.?

You have by December 15 to draw something, giving you 8 days.

After December 15, I shall judge the art and sees who wins the prizes!

You must keep it SFW. (No nudity or excessive gore basically.)

Just post the drawing in the comment section.

You can only submit one drawing.

What are the prizes?

3rd Place gets...

~Lineart drawing of anything you want me to draw!~

~Free hug coupon~

2nd Place gets...

~Drawing with flat colors of anything you want me to draw!~

~Any item I have on Team Fortress 2~

~Free hug coupon~

1st Place gets...

~A cool drawing with shading and other fancy art stuff!~

~Any item I have on Team Fortress 2~

~Free hug coupon~

~Up to 18 points on deviantArt!~

What are the guidelines for the prize drawings?

I can do NSFW stuff but I can't give it to you on the wiki, I have to do it via Skype.

I'm not so good at animals or furry art, be warned.

No offensive junk.


Now that is out of the way...