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FA Three Year Anniversary! (Almost)

Hey there guys, has it really been three years? Well, time to make a three year anniversary blogs you veterans do...

It is time for an origin story.

 It was the time of August something, 2010, a 10-year old "fanboy" of the new show Adventure Time logged on. His little mind entered in the awesome community that would be known as "Adventure Time Wiki"...

...until he took a year-and-a-couple-of-months hiatus.

Until he was reborn, as one of the greatest users ever...

...the coolest, Pokemon loving, Mega Man fanatic, awkward-like, guy...


But for realsies, I am really thankful that I have been here for so long, and you guys put up with me and my crap every day. I have made some really cool internet friends along the way that love me like a family. I really think you guys are cool. I wish for another 3 years! Or at least until Adventure Time ends.

Special Thanks to...


SP (Or Bro.)




Mia (27finnsprincess)


Dale (YS)



TG (Turtlegirl)

FM (Finn Murtons)

Incendium (IB)




FTC (Fionnathecat)

RP (RainbowPiggy)

and many others I didn't list...

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