Who Would Win?

~Adventure Time Deathmatch!~

What's this?

Ever hear those conversations, "Who would win in a fight?" well, this game is sort of like that. In this, 32 Adventure Time characters will compete in a battle-to-the-death style tournament! Where every week you get to vote who wins!

What are the rules?

You can only vote to an amount to 3. Once every week.

Voting begins Monday, ends on Friday.

The winner will be decided Saturday/Sunday.

If I am not here during the week, it will be postponed.

Where can I see the bracket?


Who are the contestants?

Contestant Name Status


Jake Alive
Princess Bubblegum Alive
Marceline Alive
Lady Rainicorn Alive
Beemo Alive
Ice King Alive
Lumpy Space Princess Alive
Flame Princess Alive
Tree Trunks Alive
Cinnamon Bun Alive
Banana Man Alive
Jake Jr. Alive
Death Alive
The Lich Alive
The Snail Alive
The Train Alive
Canyon Alive
Billy Alive
Lemonhope Alive
Lemongrab Alive
Peppermint Butler Alive
Magic Man Alive
Abracadaniel Alive
Betty Alive
Kee-oth Alive
Shoko Alive
Gunter Alive
Joshua Alive
Hunson Abadeer Alive
James Alive

Week 1

Finn VS Tree Trunks!

Original Finn        
Who will win?

The poll was created at 22:25 on March 19, 2014, and so far 42 people voted.