Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Wiki


aDvunchUR tiem SUCK5 n0W!!!!!111

uMG !!!!! 4t t0tally suckz n0aw!!!!111 a11 itr is jus4 ro1amce and fillerp11!!! kee-0th n33ds to be a totale bad- buttt >:(((((((((( bl3h! wh3re is my w4r episod344r!?!?!??!?!?!/1/?!?!??!?!/1/1//11/1/1/1/1/1/ when r march and peebee goinn to hookiaen uppppp!?!//1/1/1/1 (umg it is YUri if you can5 hadle that getttouttt u chris9tan! >:DDDD)

pennenen i neede mah aciton3 episoe!!!!!!1111 h3 sy ckjs!!11

reall5 i d0nt cre a but a root ber gy!!! or naner men!!!! revieel theh mushtroom bar damanjit!!!!120uj1o111 >:CCCCCCCCCccccccccc

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