Hello my fellow Americans, as you may know, I'm running for chat mod.

Now, now, hold your applause, I shall tell you why I would make a good chat mod.

*I save kittens.

*I can play the trombone.

*I shall stop any SJW or special snowflake from invading our lands.

*Trolls are helpless when they are around me.

*I'm for the American Dream, Smarf.

*I have an endless supply of JonTron and Nostalgia Critic gifs.

*I stole The Declaration of Independance so Barrack Obama could have more toilet paper.

*I give food to the people who really need it.

*My favorite Disney movie is the best Disney movie, Fantasia.

*I'm already iTZ's bodyguard; if you vote for me, I'll be your bodyguard too.

*I have an endless supply of macaroni.

*Only 8 seats available? I can make another seat, god damn it.

  • This is all I got, so have a gif of a cat.