I am a 13 year old girl who loves adventure time and its one of my favorite shows in the world in fact its the only show i watch and my most fav character in the world is FINN i adore him and his love for adventure and myself i have a crush and tender side for finn i hate when some one hurts finn and hurts his feelings for no reason like in the episode ( enciridion ) he almost cried becuse the evil gnomes were hurting old ladies but finn never got a thank u from them for saving them . my second fav character is Marceline The Vampire Queen she is the most awesomest evil / nice rockstar she is known for playing music with her axe base that she is attatched to it to and i love her evil look and she is just so awesome and my two fav songs of marcelines are ( Marcelines Fry Song ) and the one in ' Henchman ' she sings ( ill suck out ur eyeballs and rip out ur throt ) i loved that song its so evil . My third favorite charcter is Jake The Dog he is so Awesome he can stretch a very very long time he can grow big and change into forms and stuff and jake is funny when it comes to ice cream he said in one epiosode hed rather eat ice cream than do anything else . My fourth fav character is Princess Bubblegum shes so awesome and so kind hearted like finn but i cant stand her sometimes becuse she gets mad over stupid stuff and even shes really smart she alsos retatrded sometimes. And my final fav character is Lumpy Space Princess but shes better than pb becuase she can flot and she has a teenage attitude becuase i think teenage princesses are better but lumpy space princess is awesome . ADVENTURE TIME LOVER FOREVER . and FINN LOVER GURL 4 LIFE Adventure Time intro w BMO circled