Well since Adventure Time will have a fifth Season, what will this mean for Marceline and Finn?

  1. Will Flame Princess and Finn be together still or not after Season 4 (because of the Lich coming back in Season 4)?
  2. Is Finn going to age in Season 5 (like in Season 2 and 4)?
  3. Will Adventure Time last past Season 5 to the point where Finn is around Marceline's age?
  4. Will Marceline's feelings for Finn change when he gets older?
  5. The Marshall Lee episode (Season 5).
  6. For the Series Finale, will it be Marceline who will win Finn's heart?

Whatever the outcome, we need to accept the outcome of the show no matter the outcome. But I myself is hopeful for a Finnceline ending for the show.

So, what do you guys think?