Here are some points about Finnceline and Marceline on deviantART:

  1. There's more art out for Marceline than there is for Princess Bubblegum or Flame Princess.
  2. There's more Finnceline shippers group members on deviantART than PBxFinn and FPxFinn shippers groups (and I am not talking about the PBXMarceline groups).
  3. Fanfiction relating to Finnceline by: ShadowWolfLord and TheAmazingGymShorts provide fan hope for the couple.
  4. izzy1992's "Five Years Later" drawing puts out an example of Finn reaching Marceline's bitten age.
  5. Because of the over all spamming by anti-Finnceline shippers, I find deviantART has more Finnceline shippers on their website than on Adventure Time wiki.

(Note = this is all Finnceline/fan talk that isn't part of the show, so don't get annoyed by the message)