Hi AT Fans!

I owned a Nintendo DSi XL in late June 2010 before I heard of and joined Wikia and discovered your wiki. I made a SD Card of specific stuff I added to. They used filenames as nicknames or codenames in all .mp4 format. Here's the filenames in the order there were seen on my system:

  1. Dunston.mp4 - A little pieceof the 1990's movie "Dunston Checks In". It has an awkward three-second pause in the begininng, making the file 15 seconds to the system.
  2. fighting.mp4 - The 2007 Super Bowl advert for with people using office equipment as armor fighting for the 'promotion'. It lasts 19 seconds on the system.
  3. Finn-is-Licensed - A file containing a piece from the episode, "The Real You", with audio of SpongeBob SquarePants from its episode "Survival of the Idiots" playing quietly while Finn & Jake are in the library. After Finn blinks like SpongeBob does, the scene cuts to an image saying Lisenced by Nickelodeon, with an audio track from the MAD News sketch in "Pokemon Park/WWER". skipping to a scene of Guardians of Sunshine after the newsman says "We now return you to your regularly scheduled program." It lasts 1 minute and 8 seconds to the system.
  4. FM000014.mp4 - A recording of WFMS made with a FM radio-ready E-matic MP3 player in January 2010 with a bunch of ads and contains the Tim McGraw song "Getting Down On The Farm". It lasts 7 minutes and 5 seconds on the system.
  5. FM000016.mp4 - A recording of Z99.5 audio also made with the same device on April 2010 with fewer ads and two songs I don't know, plus the 2009 song used in 2009 CBS bumpers. it's 12 minutes and 17 seconds.
  6. FM000019.mp4 - A recording of some classical music from WFYI (before i discovered WICR containing more classical music in November 2010) mad ethat same month as that Z99.5 recording and is on the same device to record this one. It lacks ads and is only 8 minutes and 52 seconds in the Nintendo DSi.
  7. FM000025.mp4 - A recording of Coast to Coast AM on WIBC 93.1 FM with the same device, is made in July 2010, and is approxamitely 5 minutes and 10 seconds on both the file, and the system.
  8. FM000028.mp4 - An edited version of a WFYI recording of BBC World News live on both streams. This one is limited to the BBC World News logo also changed for the begininng of downloaded BBC podcasts. This logo is 28 seconds.
  9. Leapfrog Character Interfearence.mp4 - A 13-slate file consisting of many clips from the 2003 Leapfrog DVD "The Letter Factory" edited with the listed characters changed with my voice: Slate 1 - Professor Quiggley's voice track is replaced with my voice | Slate 2 - Tad's voice track is replaced with my voice | Slate 3 - Voice change is same as Slate 2, but is a flop | Slate 4 - Leap's voice track is replaced with my voice | Slate 5 - Same as Slate 2 | Slate 6 - Same as Slate 4, but my voice actiing and editing made this slate a flop | Slate 7 - Same as Slate 2 | Slate 8 - Same as Slate 2 | Slate 9 - Mr. Frog's voice track is replaced with my voice, except for microphone echos in the original tracks, and the portions with the letters, E, F, and G are cut out of the file | Slate 10 - Same as Slate 2 | Slates 11, 12, and 13 - Same as Slate 1. All together, It's 4 minutes and 20 seconds.
  10. LWS.mp4 - A recording made on May 2009 reconverted on October 2010. It was from a 2006 recording of WISH-TV's LWS. It was 1 whole minute on the card, because it's from a CD I made, so it was 58 seconds two years ago.
  11. mad_020_pt1_CNVHD.mp4 - A portion of the MAD episode "Hops/Naru-210", I used it on June to make the flipnote "MAD is coming!". After the flipnote was finished I never used this file again. It's 5 minutes and 29 seconds.
  12. Monkey Trouble MUSIC.mp4 - A 2009 recording of the end credits of the 1994 movie "Monkey Trouble". The file's 3:29 in length.
  13. MP3Police_MP3.mp4 - A way early 2010 download from I used in select times. It's only 16 seconds.
  14. NoviAmerican.mp4 - I made this recording on December 23, 2010 as a MP3 file on my player, and as a Nintendo DSi-compatible file. This is a recording of a NoviAmercian Whirlpool Bathtub installation VHS from 1988. Like the tape, the MP4 and MP3 are 14 minutes and 9 seconds.

There are really overall 25 files, but describing them all would just be one heck of a overload for my brain, and my computer. I formerly put Regularly MAD as regmad1.mp4 on the SD Card, but needed to make room for flipnotes.