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  • Finn Jake tubross

    Any one else want the Ice King and Marceline to get together. I feel like they would have so much in common. Most likey since they existed beffore the mushroom war. What would we call it. Ice-eline? who am i kidding, you're all like PB+Marcy PB+Marcy PB+Marcy PB+Marcy PB+Marcy PB+Marcy PB+Marcy. I dont get but whatever

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  • Finn Jake tubross

    Ok, i know I'm gonna get a lot of angry comments but here go's.

    I think Finn was way harsh to PB.

    1st. I don't think he ever "loved" PB. He's 14 and had a crush. You don't fall in love at 14.

    2nd. She never flatout rejected him. The closest thing to a rejection was when he asked her if she "[wanted] to hung some more" and she said "that was like 5 years ago, you gotta move on, silly boy". She left him with a playfull comment hinting she still liked him.

    3rd. The time where Finn put his head on her lap and she said "stop being weird". That is kinda a weird thing to do. That was not Finn saying how much he liked her and her rejecting him like he played it out to be.

    4th. The only time he really tried to talk to her about it was when she was poss…

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  • Finn Jake tubross

    I worried that adventure time may start going way down hill. Season 4 has probly been the worst season so far, I still really liked it but somethings happening to adventure time that ruins alot of cartoons. Its forgeting what made it funny in the first place. Finn and Jake save princess's (from the Ice king) usally, Now we barely see the Ice king. Finn had a crush on PB and she was playful about it and it was cute and funny. Now its all seriousness with flame princess. I feel like adventure time peaked with Marcilines Closet, which was one of favs. I also think this was the last super good episode. Sons of mars was probly the best of season four. Also it used to always follow Finn and Jake, Now they follow tons of different characters . we…

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