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May 5, 2012
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  • I live in A mansion with a laptop in it (yes I understand your jealousy)
  • I was born on December 11
  • My occupation is Salesman
  • I am a weak, dependent man
  • Finn Murtons

    Temporary mods?

    February 12, 2014 by Finn Murtons

    Hey guys! As of today three trolls came on, not going to add names.. And no mods were around, and well no mods were on (Admins either) So I've spoken with a few users (not really alot) and though it'd be good to have temporary mods. I've talked to an admin about it and he said I should make a blog. And some of the currents mods have been slightly inactive(No offense guys.) I won't include names but some tend to only come on for a short amount of times, others took hiatuses (Nothing wrong with that) One might've rage quitted.. Others are busy with school. And then I see these users who are constantly in chat and almost always active(Even if they're away) and I think it's fair that if a temporary mod we're to be allowed they would have to 

    • Be…
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  • Finn Murtons

    Me and AHBNF recently spoke and decided that we should have a election on who should be wikia leader. I might not "Shower until a month passes and smell like goat cheese" But despite his incedible twerking skills he has a flat butt, he has to stuff his undies.

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  • Finn Murtons

    Feel free add suggestions.

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  • Finn Murtons

    Hello, i am Finn The Human Kid i like to help people of course sometimes i can be sort of a butt, but i would love to help if you need anything i am mostly on the chat pm if i am away just leave a message on my talk page 'u'. i like to use faces like ('-' 'o' *-* 'u' c'u' 'n')


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