Ok guys, im bringing to you some major canspiracy revolving around finns arm. Did he get it back in the most recent episode? (Spoilers) No. Will he ever get it back? Maybe. The fate of finns lost arm isnt concrete in the slightest. First lets look at the technical side of it. Little kids watch this show. Seeing the hero lose his arm must be bad enough. But him never getting it back? now thats just unbearable. People will likey stop watching it because of the absence of finns arm. This would be extreme, but it has happend is past shows.

Now lets look at facts. In the episode "The tower"(It came out today) Finn does not succeed in getting to his dad and socking him in his cheek meat. Finn does however generate a temporary telekinetic arm that is made up of a blue light sort of substance. But at the end of the episode, when finn stands over the sleeping jake with pasta smeared on jakes face, Finns shadow has two arms when he only has one. But was this on accident? MAybe. But is his Magic arm going to return? Is this magic arm still there? WIll Finn be able to summon it at will like his leaf sword(Deceased)? This is a question that can only be answered by patience. We will have to see what the creators of Ooo have in store for us in the coming season of Adventure Time...

Theories? Questions? Suggestions? Speak out my Friend!

Adventure on,

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