I would just like to say to all you guys: I TOTALLY CALLED IT.

In the newest episode, "Breezy" Finn meets a bee (probably the bee from the end credits of the show) and she and Finn go around getting "Make outs" from princesses in order to have fun. Doctor princesses orders. They have fun to make Finns flower happy. Breezy ends up drinking Jell-o made by her hive and becomes the queen bee in order to save Finn from a couple of ruffians. Finn is at LSP's place when breezy comes back to get Finns flower, because she loves him. Thier singing and Breezys pollen make finns flower turn into a giant tree, which then collapses into nothing. There is still some bark left of Finns right arm(his stump). He tears off the bark to reveal an arm that appears to be made purly of honey. He then whips his arm out, removing the honey from his now fully regrown right arm. If you loo at my very first blog post, you will see that i predict that Finn will grow a new arm via his flower. I would just like to say that i totally called it. ;)

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